Athletic Performance

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athletic-performanceChiropractic and athletic performance go hand-in-hand. The layperson sees a chiropractor as someone who works on muscles and bones; however, the fact of the matter is that chiropractors primarily influence the nervous system. Every bone, muscle, cell, organ and tissue in the body is under influence by the nervous system and if it is not working right, then the body is not working right. As it pertains to athletic performance, if the nerves that are powering your body to move are inhibited by pressure from the spine, those signals are not reaching your muscles at 100%. To the couch potato, that doesnt mean much but to the person who just won the silver medal instead of the gold or to the one who just missed out on the bronze, it means EVERYTHING!

James Taylor Aspire Chiropractic Hurst, TXThe body is controlled by the nervous system, plain and simple. The brain sends messages down the spinal cord and out into the nerves that branch off of it into the body – every nerve in the body originates from the spine. Every. Single. One. Furthermore, these nerves, once exiting from the spinal column, branch over and over again; thus, one nerve from one spinal segment holds control over many different areas of the body. Generally speaking, the nerves of the neck control everything from the top of the head to the fingertips (yes, your arms are controlled by nerves emanating from your neck), from the base of your neck to the bottom of your rib cage, those nerves control everything in that space and the nerves in your low back control everything from your bellybutton down to your toes.

With athletic performance in mind, the nerves that control the muscles need to be functioning at 100% in order for the muscles to be functioning at 100%. A decrease in nerve flow to the muscles causing decreased muscle activity, decreased strength, decreased communication, an inability of the muscles to work together as a unit, and overall, decreased performance. To the naked eye, the calves or biceps are far removed from the spinal cord and backbone but in actuality, they are all connected and a small dysfunction in one area can be amplified down the line

James Taylor Aspire Chiropractic Hurst, TXTo aid in athletic performance (and the recovery from it) Aspire Chiropractic also utilizes kinesiological taping techniques with RockTape. Unlike traditional taping systems and techniques, kinesiological taping is the taping of movement. Traditional taping techniques were applied to stabilize and immobilize joints (i.e. the white tape seen on teh ankles of every football player) whereas RockTape is used to support specific movements of the body. RockTape improves athletic performance and recovery by promoting blood flow to the muscles, promoting lymphatic drainage, assisting in the removal of lactic acid & reducing muscle vibrations. Through these mechanism, RockTape is able to promote circulation and endurance while enhancing recovery. Basically, RockTape allows your muscles to move better and smoother during a competition and, when that competition is completed, it decreases the recovery time by allowing the muscles to recycle the waste products generated (i.e. lactic acid) from the competition.