Your MD May Not Like Chiropractic, But Harvard Does.

(Disclaimer: The title of this article is not meant to say that all medical doctors don’t agree with chiropractic. As time goes by there are more and more MD’s who are starting the see the benefits and the need for chiropractic and chiropractors and, as a chiropractor, I am grateful for that.)

More and more medical professionals are starting to see the benefits of chiropractic. The old guard of the medical profession who touted chiropractors as quacks are either coming around the the truth that we can indeed help people or … they are retiring. Personally, I’m OK with both. There have been numerous studies touting the benefits of chiropractic and now we can add another very prominent name to the pro-chiropractic list: Harvard. The medical school at the prestigious university recently posted an article about the benefits of chiropractic.

Did it use the words “vertebral subluxation”? No

Did it use the word adjustment instead of manipulation? No

Did it talk about the amazing power in the body that Chiropractors help unlock? No

Did it talk of a much needed vitalistic approach to health care? No

Could the article have been more pro-Chiropractic and less about pain? Yes

However, I did not mind this article because of a very specific reason I will share with you. My mission is to help change the perception of Chiropractic!  Indoctrination from the American Medical Association (AMA) is a large part of the reason why the majority of the public has no understanding of the true value of Chiropractic. This dates back to nearly 100 years when Chiropractic was first discovered and introduced.

When Chiropractic began to make its way onto the healthcare scene, organized medicine and the American Medical Association resisted because they wanted to monopolize healthcare. This led to an all-out attempt to end the practice and profession of Chiropractic. Fortunately, those efforts did not succeed, but they did plant a lot of seeds of misunderstanding in the hearts and minds of the American public.  This contributed to the current shape of the world’s understanding (or lack thereof) of Chiropractic.

Most people in our cultureimages do not understand or utilize the benefits Chiropractic can offer them and their family, but this article can help. Social proof is a phenomenon where larger portions of a population do something because it has become the accepted standard thing to believe or do. You can use this article to help erase the mentality that we have no social proof for Chiropractic care.

This mentality stems from the conspiracy to contain and eliminate the Chiropractic profession by the AMA over five decades ago. In fact, the U.S. Supreme Court found the AMA guilty of conspiring to destroy the Chiropractic profession in 1987 for lying and attempting to deceive the public.

This endorsement is good for social proof. It validates Chiropractic as an accepted option for healthcare. It opens the door for us to further teach the influence Chiropractic care can have in everyone’s life.

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